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Close work with leaders to identify critical development areas and make rapid progress

Our clients ask for coaches who can inspire, challenge and talk to the truth to them.

They want coaches with deep experience of working with people at their level.  They want to be surprised, engaged, not to be able to predict the coaches’ next move.  


They need solid support, tools and approaches they can adopt with their people.  Above all they want to accelerate their performance, getting to where they want to quicker and more effectively than they might on their own.

How it works


If you are in HR or L&D, we will talk to see what you are looking for and how we might be able to help you. We work to align our costs with your budgets where we can and have our process support how you like to do business.


If you are the coachee, we will set up a time when you have a chance to talk through what results you want from the coaching partnership and get a sense of how the coach working with you would operate. We'll mention that if we think you’d benefit from support other than coaching.



We charge a project fee rather than a cost per hour. Our coaches are available to their clients whenever they are needed. As well as formal set sessions, clients have unlimited access to their coach if they should need them in between these sessions.  


As coaches, we want to be able to offer whatever support our clients need without having to add more spending to the project.  

Participant feedback

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