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“I loved the mixture of 1:1 with group coaching. I've only done 1:1 before. I think this probably unlocked some fresh thinking in a way that was different."

The right coach approach for your people

All of the coaching work is focused on inspiring the leadership you want to see back in the workplace, where results really matter. 


We have a unique approach to developing coaching skills in your people, our 1:1 work is celebrated by our clients, and the group coaching brings collaboration and connectivity into your organisation as well as great individual progress.

Contact us to talk about the coaching blend that is right for your business.



Ginny Baillie, MCC

The Drum team is led by Ginny Baillie, MCC. Ginny's coaching approach is about what works on the ground, back in the workplace where it really matters. A great coaching conversation is one thing, it's what happens next that is important.  Whether it's based in Jungian philosophy or written on the back of a beer mat, if it works, we're using it.

Her background in property and stockbroking brings a pragmatism to the work.  Her understanding of organisational systems and experience of what it is to work in complex environments bring a rich variety of approach for her clients.

Participant feedback

Caroline Harrington.jpeg

“I loved the mixture of 1:1 with group coaching. I've only done 1:1 before. And I thought this probably unlocked some fresh thinking in a way that was different. I felt like I could bring the things I was thinking about and discussing and working on from our 1:1, but then have a sounding board with people that aren't directly connected but within the same company environment, which I thought provided a unique lens.


I also thought it challenged me to be maybe more vulnerable than I would be in a 1:1 setting, which surprised me. Because seeing my colleagues in a similar environment being vulnerable, I think, sort of inspired me to take a similar approach in a way that I might not have otherwise.”

Caroline Harrington

Senior Vice President & GM
Media / Lifestyle, Seattle, USA

Toby Faulkner  .jpeg

“I think it reinvigorated my passion for my job. In periods of extreme uncertainty, it can be easy to slide into a pit of despair. But coaching helped me focus on why I love doing what I do and what I'm good at. [It was] different, you know, taking part in the group and the personal sessions. Group sessions were great to realise that your problems are not only yours — the adage of a problem shared is also a problem halved.


The ability to support one another through this group dynamic was invaluable…. through the process of being vulnerable. And in a safe space.”

Toby Faulkner

Senior Vice President

Media / Content, Los Angeles, USA

Jessica Driscoll.jpeg

“The layer of anxiety we've had at this company in the last two years has been hard.  It's almost like social media masks a lot of stuff. But when we're in a session where we're devoted to really getting to the core of how we can get better, as leaders, there are going to be some hard conversations that are real.


I think that was important to have that space because I don't think we take that time as leaders because we're always trying to get the best out of everybody else.


We don't take that time to see how we can get the best of ourselves that will help trickle down to everybody else."

Jessica Driscoll

Senior Vice President

Communications, New York, USA


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