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"I found this whole process very powerful to be able to talk about the way we feel and the way we work together, instead of focusing directly on operations and solutions”
 Lucille Prost, Head of People & Workplace, Airbus Beyond

How you & your team meet is more important than what you all talk about….

…we noticed something -

…teams put up with poor meeting practices because it’s easier, they sort of get on and really, stuff gets done.  Even if that stuff actually happens in the edges around meetings.


Add to this the sheer weight of meetings and work generated, people are under a lot of pressure. If one person is a bit quiet and someone else is clearly stressed and meetings are high operational, short on rigorous discussion perhaps that’s OK?

The net result is this can leave precious little space for the ideas and brilliance you carefully hired your people for. The useful debate, the freedom to step up, to disagree, to have strong ideas can all be compromised.

As our solution to this we have broken with corporate traditions to create something fresh that’s far more agile and better suited to busy teams which is the Drum approach.

How it works

teamwork (2).png

 This is a team choice, After an initial chat with you, we all get together, talk it through and then you all decide if you want to do it.


Throughout the program, the team learns best meeting practices, , coaching each other, thinking together, healthy disagreement, challenge, and an understanding of how to work well as a team 


These meetings are thinking spaces for the team, they’re not for strategy or operations. They will learn more about each other and the interactions that are most useful.

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You are always working on live topics, business critical areas. By the time the programme is over you no longer need us and are completely self sustaining in your work

SLT - Airbus Beyond - what did they take from the experience?

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