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Group Coaching: The power of 1:1 with peer support and network

Network deeply with peers across your business with a mix of 1:1 and group support - it's eye-opening

Unlock the power of collective growth with our innovative group coaching program. Bring together like-minded individuals to collaborate, connect, and network while working towards achieving their own personal outcomes.

Our unique combination of 1:1 coaching and group sessions allows for a dynamic and interactive learning experience, where participants can gain valuable insights and ideas from their peers. Don't settle for a one-dimensional approach to coaching; elevate your company's development with group coaching — it delivers results at a comparable cost to one-on-one coaching.

How it works

teamwork (2).png

Participants are matched with others who want to be in a powerful peer space and have their own goals to achieve


Throughout the program, the group works on their individual outcomes while also receiving feedback, support, and ideas from their peers. 


Individuals experience a combination of 1:1 coaching sessions with the coach and group sessions with everyone in the program.

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The group achieves its individual outcomes and gains valuable connections and develops a wealth of new ideas and innovation.

Participant feedback

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