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This is the first programme
to specifically address improving
the culture of meetings

You have brilliant people in your business – does your meeting culture capitalise on that?

If you answer yes to two or more of the following you will find it interesting to talk to us:

  • I want people to take more ownership in meetings.

  • I want people to come up with ideas.

  • I want more rigor and challenge.

  • It’s not OK to be in back-to-back meetings all the time.

  • My heart sinks when I look at my diary.

  • Meetings get dominated by the same people

  • I go to too many status update meetings

  • We need to think differently for stronger decisions

  • We need better ideas and innovation in our business


We can help you change this.

How it works


We meet with you to discuss your meeting culture and what needs changing.

We design a survey to go to the selected workforce to find out what the current behaviours and attitudes are


We run a session with everyone involved to share these results and prepare expectations for the work


We have a day of learning, in person if possible

Post workshop the emphasis is on action, review and learning through a menu of interactions

The team at Drum move their chairs closer to the door so by the end of our time with you, you no longer need us and you are entirely self sufficient in your new improved meeting culture

Want to know more? Contact Ginny to find out how you can change your organisation's meeting culture. 

Participant feedback

Picture a room of people, about 25, who are in different teams in a department.  They've given

feedback that meetings are a challenge both with them and across the business.

Here's what they said after spending just one day with us

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