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Even if people in your meetings can't actually walk away, they might want to....
work with us to change that

You have brilliant people in your business – make sure your meetings keep them that way

Inefficient meetings can impede progress and lower morale, regardless of the attendees' level of expertise or age. A lack of engagement, over-representation of certain individuals, and tedious agendas can quickly turn what should be a productive gathering into a time-wasting exercise.

Back-to-back meetings, too many people who don't speak up, or speak up too much, nothing happening status updates, poor decisions, weak outcomes - it's not good enough to truly make things happen.

How it works


Drum for Meetings expands the possibilities of what can happen when people come together in meetings. It’s very simple and there are no formal models to learn.


All you need is a willing leadership team and an 'up for it' workforce. We can partner with you on scale and we know you'll see wins very quickly.

Want to know more? Contact Ginny to find out how you can change your organisation's meeting culture. 

Participant feedback

Picture a room of people, about 25, who are in different teams in a department.  They've given

feedback that meetings are a challenge both with them and across the business.

Here's what they said after spending just one day with us

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