"No one needs help 'do-ing'; we need help in thinking and taking genuine space to do this.  We need to place value on this exploration, how else will we know what the right thing to do is?"


Peers can be stronger than teachers

It's no secret that, when it comes to influence, our peers hold the power. Back in school, it was our friends who we turned to for advice, not our teachers. And while we might be a bit nicer to those who teach us these days, it's still our peers to whom we pay attention.


We noticed leadership development had varyiong degrees of 'stickiness' for people - we wondered if we could change this if we scaled back teachers and amplified peers? Would we finally have development that leaders 100% embraced? The answer was yes!


With Drum groups and coaching, our approach is committed to growing and sustaining the leaders we work with, leaving them with embedded tools that continue to flourish long after we have left the building.


Ginny Baillie, MCC

I started my first business at 19, spotting a gap in the UK property market.  Moving from there into corporate finance and then international stockbroking, the link between them all was helping people get what they wanted.   I left banking in 1998 to train as a coach and have worked in leadership ever since. 

With over 20 years of experience, I was one of the first Master Certified Coaches in Europe.  I've designed coaching and leadership programmes for clients from the ILM and the Welsh Government and have been a core contributor to thought leadership in the coaching industry. I chair panels and speak at conferences, and wrote a column for a leading industry publication, Coaching at Work.

I choose to work with leaders because of their capacity to have the widest impact. Even in a 1:1 coaching interaction, I’m aware of the potential that our work has to change the lives of others as it filters to their teams. I'm exceedingly proud to have made an impact on so many amazing organisations over the years. 

My clients span many teams and industries and each leaves a lasting impression on my work. Over the years, I've gained a vast amount of collective experience. That 'inside leadership' knowledge enables me to bring an external perspective to coaching and to blend different approaches to find the perfect coaching cocktail for you or your team.

My team and I work with individuals and systems, we sense when to align and when to challenge. We respect what has happened in the past and grow what works and bring in new ideas when required.


“The process helps you critically question your assumptions and reassess your approach to leadership.


But at the same time, it is really affirming, helps identify shared challenges across the sector and creates a feeling of solidarity and deep bonds with other leaders.”

Katharine Sacks-Jones

CEO, Become Charity


“This by far, was the best leadership development I have experienced in my career. By sharing similar experiences, having a community who had your back, being truly listened to was a breath of fresh air.


By having real-time development, it enabled me to be much more confident and effective as a leader not only for my team but as a leader in the business."

Charlotte Williams

VP People and Culture EMEA, Warner Bros Discovery


“What was also very refreshing was that, until our Drum, I don’t feel like there was ever a place where you could go and discuss those things in an open way.


I think unless you create that environment, it doesn’t really happen, somehow it creates a comfortable and safe environment, and I think that’s what I felt and what stood out to me there.”

Robert Palmer

Executive Director, Tax Justice UK