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It's time for a change in how we meet and work together. There are different ways to do this.

You can have the cleverest, brightest people in your business. You might be wonderfully well intentioned. But if you meet poorly, if your ways of working don't bring all of the talent and resourcefulness into the business, you're losing significant potential.

We specifically focus on how you all work together, helping you develop your collaborative capabilities, genuinely get all the voices in the room, get good at essential conflict and be a place to work that no-one wants to leave

We also focus on self sustaining support - we hand everything over so you can reduce reliance on external resources and continue to grow long after we have left the building

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

What people say about Drum


“The fresh thinking and hearing exactly what other people think and being taught skills in how we work together makes the meeting more valuable.

The fact that the Drum meetings are consistently well attended speaks to their value.”

Raj Mehta
Senior Partner, KPMG


“There's kind of an intuitive understanding between you on Drum, as you’re all senior, I just love it, you don't get that level of feedback and intensity in your everyday work.”

Jamie Cooke
GM CEE, Warner Bros Discovery


“In Drum, you're given the space to really observe others, listen and pay attention. 

You can then map that to how you're thinking about your own situation…. it's fascinating to watch that play out.”

Noah Samuels
VP, EMEA, Google

Drum Thinks

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