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Fresh, modern approaches to ways of working well together in organisations


what we do

We believe growing skill in HOW you work together is critical to achieving your business goals

You're likely here because you want development that feels fresh, simple and has obvious immediate results that your people can see and feel.

You believe in the power of the people you've hired to deliver on what the organisation is for, and you want to help them be stronger at it

We think it's time to lean into these people resources, grow from within, reduce reliance on external resources (irony we know, but go with us on this) and continue to grow long after we have left the building

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

What people say about Drum


“The fresh thinking and hearing exactly what other people think and being taught skills in how we work together makes the meeting more valuable.

The fact that the Drum meetings are consistently well attended speaks to their value.”

Raj Mehta
Senior Partner, KPMG


“There's kind of an intuitive understanding between you on Drum, as you’re all senior, I just love it, you don't get that level of feedback and intensity in your everyday work.”

Jamie Cooke
GM CEE, Warner Bros Discovery


“In Drum, you're given the space to really observe others, listen and pay attention. 

You can then map that to how you're thinking about your own situation…. it's fascinating to watch that play out.”

Noah Samuels
VP, EMEA, Google

Drum Thinks

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